Tuesday, June 7, 2016

What do the “whiners and moaners” want?

The June 2 post cited an online AHS comment that called mineral museum supporters “whiners and moaners”. Widespread dissatisfaction with AHS mismanagement of mineral museum assets has certainly been expressed over the past six years. Was it unreasonable? What do these many “whiners and moaners” want?

Succinctly stated, they want the following:

Preservation of Arizona history: they want to preserve the historic and functionally restored mining equipment that the AHS abandoned at 15th and Washington St. in Phoenix.

Support for K-12 education: they want to reopen the mineral museum to over 40,000 children per year

Preservation of the mineral collection: they want the complete collection to be under the care of a qualified, science based state agency

Support for research: they want the entire mineral collection to be accessible, in one place, to researchers

Education for the public: they want to restore a top rated science museum with a focus on the origin and use of natural resources

The AHS was required, by statute, to continue operating the mineral museum properly. It chose not to. Why does it now wonder why there is widespread dissatisfaction?

The very fact that the AHS cannot understand why people are dissatisfied is reason enough, by itself, to demonstrate that the AHS should not have control of the mineral museum.


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  2. The person wo wrote about the 'whiners and moaners" knows nothing about the Arizona Historical Society. Which makes them ignorant. If as I suspect they are a friend of AHS, or a Board member or a staffer then they are naive as well as stupid. The destruction of the Mineral Museum served no purpose. For whatever reason Dr. Ann Woosley cooked up to do this was insane to say the least. The Board (the ones who still have a spine ) need to fire Dr. Woosley.

  3. The AHS Board is supposed to provide "oversight" to the agency. Don't see a lot of that going on. Do your job Board of Directors.

  4. The AHS is doing such a great job of drawing visitors into the main museum in Tucson that they are going to be closed on Sunday's from now on! Most working taxpayers have Sunday's off. Good call AHS. But with attendance as low as what they get it's no wonder.

  5. Dick, you do realize that you are confirming the "whiners and moaners" comment with this whiny, moaning post, right?

    1. The only thing that is confirmed is that you know nothing about the Arizona Historical Society.

  6. How can someone defend the actions of the director Ann Woosley in this matter? How can someone not understand what a mess they have created and how these actions have endangered the AHS.This person has no clue of what the AHS is supposed to do. In case they did not know the AHS does Arizona History ...not rocks and minerals.
    If you do not know anything or are too stupid to understand the situation then I suggest you just be quiet.