Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Arizona Centennial Museum taking shape?

The following paragraph appeared in the Winter newsletter of the Museum Association of Arizona (Volume 28, No.4, page 21):

The Arizona Centennial Museum Begins to Take Shape

The former Arizona Mineral and Mining Museum became part of the Arizona Historical Society at the end of July 2010. The Governor’s Office of Strategic Planning and Budgeting and the Arizona Department of Administration are working with AHS to sort through all of the issues regarding personnel, budget, procurement, and the infrastructure. The Governor’s Centennial Commission will hire a dedicated fundraiser and approximately $400,000 of stimulus funds are available for the environmental infrastructure of the building.

Taking Shape. Really?

In December 2010 the Governor is planning to hire a fundraiser. Exactly which centennial is she planning for?

February 2012 or February 2112?


  1. It will be interesting to see what kind of "fundraiser" she hires for this!! LOL In this economy to have someone raise millions for a failed idea. What she wont do is hire someone who gets % of what they raise. She will hire someone who gets a salary so when they fail they just walk away and say it was the bad economy and a failed exhibit plan. this will be fun to watch. Stay tuned folks!!

  2. About 420 days left. Not a lot of time to convert the Mineral Museum, design and build a new exhibit with an out of state exhibits company. It will probaby fail of its own dead weight. Every day they dont start is a day closer to its failure. And no Centennial Museum. Wont that look good for the "Cenntenial". I bet she is already planning a "fall back position" where she does something different like lectures, programs, shows b.s. stuff like that to occupy our schedules with fluff to divert our attention from this 5 "C"s monster.

  3. Looks like the Arizona Centennial museum may become a second had shop. Entertainment Solutions, Inc. has just posted a presentation on the internet entitled : Arizona Centennial Best Fest Creative Event, Prescott, AZ, September 16-18

    A footnote on slide 11 says; "Displays to be constructed for use at all 3 Best Fest Celebrations and for potential future use at Arizona Centennial Museum, Arizona State Fair, etc.

    Or, perhaps the "centennial museum" will be a warehouse for the State Fair, etc.

  4. I went to their website. What a dog and pony show. So who will pay for that crap?? This is getting better all the time. We close State Parks and roadside bathrooms and we get this kind of a "show".