Saturday, December 11, 2010

Is squandering tax dollars a Governor’s perk?

The recent debate over organ transplants in Arizona is asking an important question. Exactly what is money being spent on that has a higher priority than organ transplants?

In fact, the Governor is squandering millions of dollars on completely useless projects. She is doing this with both federal and state money. Millions are going into her pet project, the 5C Arizona Centennial Museum, and the associated Centennial Way project.

The 5C Arizona Centennial Museum is getting $400,000 in stimulus money for solar panels. It is also getting supported by a very recent $2,200,000 increase in the stage budget for the Arizona Historical Society (centennial museum administrator). She used state money that she could have used for anything.

Centennial Way is getting $7,000,000 in federal stimulus money. This useless project replaces the side walk passing in front of the Arizona Centennial Museum with a new one including art work. The existing side walk is in perfectly good condition, and is not used anyhow. Few pedestrians or vehicles are ever seen on this street (formerly West Washington Street). A few winos do sleep on the side walk now and then. Perhaps they will appreciate the art.

The Governor added 2.2 million dollars to the history museum budget in July. In October, she said the state could not afford 1.4 million for organ transplants.

She squanders tax dollars on new toys, but does not pay doctors bills. Is that a Governors perk?

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