Monday, December 20, 2010

Can a historic building be made "green"?

The December 7th post reported that the $400,000 in Federal stimulus money was available for improving the "environmental infrastructure" on the Polly Rosenbaum Building. That building is currently occupied by the Arizona Mining and Mineral Museum and is to be converted into the 5C Arizona Centennial Museum. The building is already under the control of the Arizona Historical Society.

According the the grapevine, the money will be used to install solar panels. That raises a question.

The building is on the National Register of Historic Places. Can solar panels be installed on a historic building? More specifically, can the exterior appearance of a registered historic building be changed to that extent?

Does anyone out there know the answer?


  1. The State Historic Preservation Office. Its a State agency. Soooooooooooo....

  2. Those guys are afraid of the Governor. They won't even help try to preserve the historic stamp mill, head frame, and locomotive that the Governor wants to "relocate" (to the landfill?).

    How ironic that the AHS, with a motto of "Saving Arizona history", may be an accomplice to destroying Arizona history.

  3. Since Federal monies are involved, then wouldn't changes have to pass the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation?
    Contact them to see the status.
    You have good support with the blog...but this has to be taken further, public, and soon or it will be too late.
    Have the Mine Mineral Museum supporters take ad space on TV, billboards.
    What are the views of Phoenix politicians?
    This will go through, regardless of the legality, if a louder voice in opposition is not heard.
    AHS board meetings, city council, etc. Make it known...but it starts with the people at the Mine Mineral Museum. Don't wait for a largely apathetic population to save won't happen.