Saturday, March 12, 2011

Arizona Historical Society receives national recognition

The Arizona Historical Society has attracted the attention of Washington DC based CAGW. Citizens Against Government Waste is a one million member, nationwide, non-profit organization that acts as the taxpayer’s watchdog. CAGWs primary mission is:

CAGW's mission is to eliminate waste, fraud, abuse and mismanagement in the federal government.
CAGW's most famous publication is the annual Congressional Pig Book Summary, an exposé that names pork-barrel politicians and their pet projects. Periodically, CAGW also publishes piglet books on waste in state government.

CAGW joined with the Goldwater Institute to produce the 2011 Arizona Piglet Book. It is the only comprehensive examination of wasted Arizona tax dollars. Page 6 of the Piglet book features the Arizona Historical Society:

Budget-Busting Bureaucracies

Lawmakers looking for places to trim state government shouldn’t have to look hard. Even after nominal cutbacks to the state budget over the past two years, state government is still packed with wasteful spending and questionable programs.

Examples include the following:

• $5,861,400 for the Arizona Historical Society
Page 30 of the piglet book also includes the following:

Centennial spending doesn’t end with local projects. The state government established a pricey and seemingly unnecessary museum to celebrate the state’s impending centennial. The 2011 state budget gives the Arizona Historical Society $589,700 so it can take over the existing Arizona Mining and mineral Museum and make it part of the new Arizona Centennial Museum.

The state’s new Centennial Museum isn’t the only museum on the dole. In fact, it is not even the most expensive. The Museum at Papago Park costs the state taxpayers six times more to subsidize than the Centennial Museum. Taxpayers will pay $3.2 million to keep the doors of the Tempe-based museum open in 2011.

Note: If CAGE had actually seen the Arizona Historical Societie’s Museum at Papago Park (AKA Marley Center Museum) they would have been shocked. The Marley has been described in three prior posts:

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  1. I bet they dont put that on their website. Ohh... they already dont put the Centennial Museum effort on there anyway. They must be ashamed.
    I wonder what the Board of Directors must think. They hired the director and they must take responsibility for their boondoggle efforts. First the Rio Nuevo mess and now this. When will they wake up.
    This Woosley person must go. What was the board vote on this Centennial Museum mess, are they really for this? Will they be on the hook for all of the money wasted?