Friday, March 18, 2011

Governor’s “Birthday Gift to Arizona” protested

In a by invitation only event in February 2010, Governor Brewer proudly presented her birthday gift to Arizona: the 5C Arizona Centennial Museum. She promised no public money would be used. During the past year, the smell of this “gift” has gotten worse and worse. Not only will this “gift’ actually cost taxpayers millions, it is also displacing the top rated Arizona Mining and Mineral Museum and its very popular K-12 earth science education programs.

In spite of numerous complaints to the Governor’s office and to the Legislature, the Governor persists in trying to build this pet project featuring the social aspects of cotton and cows. On March 15, students and mineral museum supporters protested the upcoming June 1st closure of the mineral museum on the Capitol mall. The Governor had an appearance scheduled with Chamber of Commerce representatives who were assembled on the Senate lawn. Rather the walk from her office to the Senate lawn and have to cross the Capitol mall, the Governor took her car from her office to the street in front of the Senate lawn.

Therefore, the protestors reassembled on the sidewalk between the Governors car. When the Governor completed her appearance at the Chamber of Commerce event, she was forced to cross the line of protestors. The Governor slunk through the protest line without looking at or speaking to anyone. Perhaps she feared a six year old might ask her why she is so determined to deprive them of their favorite museum and Arizona of its only earth science museum.

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