Monday, March 28, 2011

Arizona 5Cs Contest

Guest post by Ted Rushton
Ted Rushton, now retired, is a former reporter, photographer, columnist and editor for newspapers and magazines in Canada, New Mexico and Arizona

A new "Only in Arizona" contest is being promoted to herald the planned closing of the Arizona Mining and Mineral Museum  --  one of America's finest natural resource museums.   The last day is May 31.  All exhibits will be dismantled, and then construction will start on the new "Arizona Centennial Museum" which will mark the centennial of Arizona statehood by opening sometime in the year following the centennial observances.

The new museum will focus on the Five C’s of Arizona history:  copper, cotton, cows, citrus and climate.  The contest is to create the cleverest use of the 'Five C's' to lament the closing of the Mining and Mineral Museum.
"Crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy" Rushton 5C contest is not suitable; it describes the decision to scrap the existing museum, it's too factual  instead of  being languorously lamentable.

"Crazy clowns close cool cache" is along the line of what is wanted.
 "Clowns close cool cerussite cases" is another idea.

Or perhaps ----
"Centennial cans cuprite, corundum, chrysoberyl”
"Copper, chalcopyrite, calcium carbonate, calcite"
"Corrupt clowns cancel clever crystals"
 "Clever carvers cut crafty CaCO3"
  "Clever crustaceans create cute coral"

These are mere suggestions.  From silicon to silly cons, substantial suggestions are sought to save a precious element of Arizona’s heritage.

The honors will be everlasting fame, gratitude, plentitude, fortitude and felicitudes to a real dude for help in opposing the arbitrary axing of one of America's finest museums.

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