Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Arizona Historical Society assumes science education role

Having failed at its assigned mission of history preservation and education, as evidenced by the Marley Center Museum, the AHS is attempting to redefine itself in peculiar ways.  It is trying to resuscitate its 5C Arizona Centennial Museum failure by redefining it as a museum of the future, and is now promoting the new 5Cs of Arizona’s future. It has also renamed it the Arizona Experience Museum, finally acknowledging the fact that it will never be open for Arizona’s centennial.

Even more strange is the AHS self-image as a science education resource.  A new website has appeared called Arizona Mineral Education ( The introduction states:

Arizona minerals are the backbone of the Arizona Experience. Arizona Mineral Education provides links to mineral museums, photo galleries, and education outreach programs. It is a resource for educators, students, and the Arizona public (italics added).

Most incredibly, it promotes the nonexistent Arizona Experience Museum as a mineral education resource by placing it in the following list of “Prominent Resources”:

    American Geological Institute
    Arizona Experience Museum (italics added)
    Cochise Community College Arizona Mineral & Geology
    Digital Library Earth Science Education - DLESE
   University of Arizona Mineral Museum

How does the AHS plan to ever justify that self-exalted status with only the little 500 square foot mineral display their contractor has planned for the Arizona Experience Museum?

The Arizona Legislature needs to review what is happening here. If they approve, then they need to revise the Arizona Statutes to redefine the AHS mission. If they do not, then they need to cease funding unauthorized activities.


  1. The website was created by the government of Arizona. If you go the bottom of the homepage you see "Hosted by Arizona Geological Survey © 2011 " and you can click on that link which takes you directly to the domain. The site was created by the government to make it seem like their new museum will serve as a geological education site when it really will only have 500 square foot mineral display. This is just an attempt to dupe the public and make false arguments to shut people up. Arizona Politics at its finest

  2. The AHS actually hired a geologist (with taxpayers money) to promote this facade.