Saturday, July 23, 2011

Is the Arizona Historical Society embarrassing the Arizona Centennial Commission?

The Arizona Centennial Commission’s website ( refers to the Arizona Historical Society’s Arizona Centennial Museum as their “number one signature project” and the “centerpiece” of Arizona’s centennial celebration. Yet, when interviewed by the media, the director of the centennial commission says hardly a word about the centennial museum.

Why not?

Does the Centennial Commission secretly fear that the centennial museum will be yet another AHS failure, like the History Museum at Rio Nuevo (Tucson) and the Marley Center Museum at Papago Park (Tempe)?

Are they afraid this failure will be especially embarrassing because it eliminated the top rated Arizona Mining and Mineral Museum and its K-12 science education program for no good reason?

Recent interviews:
Arizona Centennial: Moment in Time
Story By Michael Chihak, Arizona Public Media., July 1, 2011
Arizona Historical Advisory Commission Chair Dora Vasquez  and Arizona Centennial Commission Director Karen Churchard say response to statehood centennial plans has been most positive.

Horizon - Countdown to Arizona’s Centennial, Ted Simons host, Eight Arizona PBS, February 14, 2011
On Arizona’s 99th birthday, we’ll take a look at plans to celebrate its 100th as the Countdown to Arizona’s Centennial begins. Guests include Karen Churchard, Director of the Arizona Centennial Commission, and Catherine May, Vice President of the Arizona Historic Advisory Council.

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  1. I can't wait until they throw AHS under the bus and move on. Why back a dead project? By the way there is going to be an audit of the Rio Nuevo Project. You know the one, thats where they spent $230,000,000 for downtown Tucson and got nothing for it. And low and behold the AHS spent $1,200,000 for exhibit plans and got nothing. What a waste in Tucson and it will be a waste for Phoenix. Already a waste at AHS Papago Park.Old broken exhibits, gift shop closed and a closed research library.