Thursday, July 21, 2011

Is the Arizona Historical Society confused?

Consider the bold print in the following two paragraphs:

Woosley said the main focus continues to involve the Arizona Experience (Centennial museum). It is a very forward looking project that starts with the Five Cs but quickly moves into featuring the Arizona we want for the future. Woosley noted that AHS must be patient over the next 12-18 months because this project is moving outside the usual processes and is directed by the Governor’s office, Centennial Foundation, and Arizona Department of Administration. Meetings with the architects and designers are held twice a month. Fundraising is very active and to date $10 million has been raised toward a fundraising goal of $30 million. She stated that what was the Mining & Mineral Museum, would close June 1 and the architectural work on the facility would begin October 1. Woosley commented that there are some highly vocal individuals who do not wish the Mining & Mineral Museum to close and are broadcasting misinformation and aspersions against the Governor, agency and herself. Staff and volunteers in the museum encourage the public to contact the Governor and Secretary of State to voice their grievances. A protest march that some Mining & Mineral volunteers and staff organized is planned for March 15.
The Arizona Historical Society
Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
Friday, March 11, 2011
Tempe, Arizona
Executive Director’s Report

A little over a year ago, Gov. Jan Brewer announced that her "birthday present" to Arizona for its 100th anniversary in 2012 would be to transform the Arizona Mining and Mineral Museum into the Arizona Centennial Museum. The new museum would focus on all of the Five C's: copper, cotton, cattle, citrus and climate. But making that happen is proving challenging. Fundraising has been slow, and millions of dollars are still needed. Construction is behind schedule; the museum is now slated to reopen in November 2012. The name has been changed to the Arizona Experience Museum, and a group of supporters of the mining museum are fighting the plan every step of the way. The mining museum will close June 1 and Karen Churchard, director of the Arizona Centennial 2012 Foundation, said renovations will likely begin this fall. The non-profit Arizona Centennial 2012 Foundation is overseeing fundraising. Churchard said they have raised $1.75 million of the needed $15.5 million. "We are behind, but we're making up time," she said. "If you call me in another six weeks, I'm hoping I can tell you that our number has at least doubled."
Centennial museum hits snags
Some are against subject change; fundraising slow
by Alia Beard Rau and Mary Jo Pitzl - Mar. 20, 2011 12:00 AM
The Arizona Republic

There appear to be some serious contradictions.

Is the Arizona Centennial Museum a $30 million project or a $15.5 million project?

As of March, had $10 million been raised for the museum or only $1.75 million?

Did anyone call Churchard six weeks later?  Or, anytime since? Has another dime for the Arizona Centennial (Experience) Museum been raised since March?

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