Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Arizona Experience Museum a mineral museum?

The following appeared on

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The last column indicates the year through which dues are paid. If you believe that your name has been incorrectly omitted from this list, please notify Anthony R. Kampf . If you believe that your dues status is incorrect, please notify Anna M. Domitrovic.
Ms. Madison Barkley
Curator            Arizona Experience Museum
Arizona Historical Society
1502 W. Washington Phoenix, AZ 85007      USA   


  1. She must be a "new" member? I wonder if the AHS paid for her dues? I almost feel sorry for her. New Phd., new job, having to work for Woosley, a doomed project. I hope she keeps her resume fresh.Have an escape route Madison.

  2. Hey Madison I hope you read this blogsite will learn a lot. Keep your resume up to date. Don't believe half what Woosley tells you. You are too nice to waste your career on AHS.