Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Where are the Arizona Centennial Museum plans?

The Arizona Centennial (Experience) Museum has been in search of a theme for nearly two years.  First, it was to feature the 5Cs, including cotton and cows. Then, the now defunct ADMMR website said it was to also feature technology, including solar panels and spacecraft. After that, the Arizona Centennial 2012 Foundation website said it would be story telling museum. Then, in a KAET 8 interview, an AHS spokesperson said it would be about “imagining the future”. Finally, a new Foundation website introduced an even more peculiar “theme”, but there was finally (after two years) a floor plan. The first floor plan showed displays featuring “land, water, sky, mind, body, inspire, and remember.” The second floor displays featured “celebrate, innovate, and play”.  As the visitors toured these strange displays, they were to be stimulated with “smells and vibrations”.

Now, that strange floor plan is gone. It has vanished from the Arizona Centennial 2012 Foundation website (  There is not a word about it on the Arizona Historical Society website either. The AHS is responsible for managing the new museum. The Foundation is simply placing the sole source $15.75 million dollar contract for the AHS.

Is the AHS already embarrassed by its new project, the “centerpiece” of Arizona’s centennial celebration?

Was the Foundation ridiculed when it presented its goofy floor plan to prospective donors?

Is the “number one signature project” of Arizona’s centennial celebration in search of yet another theme?

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  1. Seems like they are getting ready to throw the Arizona Historical Society under the bus. Most if the Centennial projects are items that were going on anyway or were created just to get some funding. Just like the carnival they come to town then vanish three days later.
    The muddle heads in the Historical Society couln't come up with a decent concept if their lives depended on it.
    The "topics" land, water,sky. mind,inspire etc sound like something from the empty headed Woosley or some east coast overpriced exhibits company. My question is what will the AHS do when the Governor dumps this whole mess? Will they use the building for minerals? Or give it back? Or just walk away?Or maybe it will be "Son of Papago Park II" We have seen that movie! Its still playing at Tempe but the projector is broken. Or the library is closed.