Friday, August 26, 2011

Arizona Historical Society historically challenged?

Decades ago, Mo Udall wrote about the obsolescence of the 5Cs that he learned in grade school.  Recently, an Arizona Capital Times article explained why the 5Cs are pass√©.  The Times article included the flowing statements.

As times have changed, the state’s economic drivers have changed. The consensus among state historians is that the state’s historic 5C should possibly be replaced, or at least augmented with a few new Cs.

One state institution- (Marshall Trimble, Arizona’s official state historian) considered an embodiment of all things Arizona --- says the original 5Cs heyday has passed.

In a KAET 8 program on August 22, Trimble was more specific. He said the 5Cs were actually obsolete about fifty years ago.

The AHS however, tried to build a $15 million dollar 5C Arizona Centennial Museum. It was to be the “centerpiece” of Arizona’s centennial celebration. Not surprisingly, there was no public support for such an obsolete idea and the project failed.

Unfortunately, the AHS did gain control of the top rated Arizona Mining and Mineral Museum and planned to use that building. Even though the 5C museum failed, the AHS closed and dismantled the historic mineral museum. An empty building will now be the “centerpiece” of Arizona’s centennial celebration.

Undaunted, the AHS has renamed the centennial museum as the experience museum, and is floundering about trying to come up with a new theme that will attract funding. Now, they are thinking about “Cs of the future’, including computers.

Mo Udall described computers as a new C ----- in 1984.


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