Saturday, September 3, 2011

Curator of Minerology

The following appeared on the Carnegie Institutions of Washington’s Geophysical Laboratories website:

Madison Barkley, a former CDAC student at the Geophysical Laboratory, has accepted the position of Curator of Mineralogy and Director of Science Education at the Arizona Experience Museum, Arizona Historical Society in Phoenix, AZ. 

As part of the Carnegie/DOE Alliance Center (CDAC) program, Madison worked for three years to complete her dissertation research at the University of Arizona. In her new position, Madison will be in charge of maintaining the vast mineral collection held at the Arizona Experience Museum, designing exhibitions and developing the museum’s educational outreach programs. She will also continue to pursue her own research in collaboration with faculty members at the University of Arizona, where she recently received her doctorate degree.

1 comment:

  1. "Pursue her own research?" Do you think she will have the time. With a small staff,(if any and probably no volunteers), So where are the minerals..I thought they were gone.
    Keep your resume fresh Madison. And to think NO museum experience!