Friday, September 30, 2011

Exploring Arizona visits Marley Center

The home page for Exploring Arizona states:

Exploring is your local guide to all of the Arizona cities. With information from government and city links to dining and recreation, you will find it here.

On September 18, 2011, Exploring Arizona visited the Marley Center Museum. The Arizona Historical Society , apparently embarrassed by the Marley’s history,  is trying to rebrand it as the History Museum in Papago Park.  However, they made a million dollar deal with Kemper Marley, and his name therefore remains on the sign and on the building.

Exploring Arizona’s photos and comments are at:

The comments include the following:

“We went on a Friday afternoon and had the place largely to ourselves.”

“Some of the displays were not working when we were there.”

Exploring Arizona may not be aware that they would have had the museum to themselves no matter when they visited. Attendance is so miniscule the AHS will not release attendance figures. The photo below was taken on Museum Day 2011 when admission was free and the Marley drew a “crowd”.  Only about half the cars belonged to visitors however. The rest belong to the many staff members that hide somewhere in the huge (80,000 square feet) underutilized building.

As for the non-working displays, “some” is an obvious euphemism for “most”, and Exploring Arizona may not be aware there was nothing unique about their visit.  The displays were not working six months before their visit, and may have been inoperable for years. The second photo shows that the out of order signs have a rather permanent look.

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