Friday, September 23, 2011

Mineral Museum gutted

Even though fundraising for the centennial museum failed, the AHS is continuing with the total elimination of the mineral museum.  Minerals and artifacts have been removed from all cases, and the cases are being removed from the building.  The cases are being loaded onto U-Haul trucks that are taking them to Globe to display the Mofford memorabilia collection.

Many of the cases were recently refurbished and refinished by former mineral museum volunteers.  That also included the installation of new glass that was paid for by the Flagg Foundation.  This demonstrates the folly of providing volunteer labor or contributions to a state agency managed by fickle bureaucrats incapable of recognizing a top rated and historic science museum.

The newly hired curator (on the state payroll) was seen in the lobby, doing whatever it is that curators do in museums that are closed and empty.

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  1. There is a lesson here. Never volunteer or give money to any state project. Administrations change and their policies are not the same as previous ones. They tend to have too many incompetent elected or appointed individuals who are incapable of making good sound decisions especially when it comes to monetary funds. What happens to the money pledged or donated for this project if it comes to a standstill? Those companies will learn the same lesson as people who have volunteered at this museum or other state departments. They become disenchanted and are out of money or years of dedication trying to make the State of Arizona a better place to live in. There are too many other private museums or charity organizations to dedicate your expertise to and give a monetary contribution that will not be swept by greedy legislatures or incompetent administrations.