Sunday, March 15, 2015

Guest Post

The following letter was sent to the House committee members that will conduct the hearing on SB1200:

On behalf of Arizona students, who lost “their” much-used , beloved, and very historic Mining and Mineral Museum as we celebrated Arizona’s centennial, I ask you to please vote “yes” on
SB1200.  Four-plus years ago I spoke on their behalf, with the many petitions they had gathered,  at a similar hearing to save the MMM.  I  participated in drafting the amendments to the law, and it passed and was signed into law.  The students were ecstatic, they had participated in AZ democracy at work. Then they saw AZ democracy fail, and the doors of the MMM were slammed even as school fieldtrips were scheduled.  The action was abrupt, hostile, unauthorized, and unnecessary. The money to fund a different museum was never raised, and the building stands empty.  It is not our proudest moment!!

I have been doing earth science presentations at schools for the past years, in order to help the victims –our students, teachers, and schools.  While successful, what I and others do cannot begin to provide the excellent service they enjoyed from the Mining and Mineral Museum.  The students know about SB1200 and I have discussed it as “corrective legislation” and they are again out getting petitions to send to Governor Ducey.  After telling them that they must pass a civics test to graduate from high school, it’s time for us to show them democracy is alive and well in AZ.  There is no reason to not pass SB1200, a budget-neutral bill. The people who helped with the cost-effective MMM, like myself, are standing in the wings ready to restore it under  the respected AZ Geological Survey.


 Mardy Zimmermann
Outreach and Education Coordinator, Earth Science Museum

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