Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Misinformation from AHS

Following the prior post about the very poor performance of AHS museums, this blog received a copy of the following letter. How many misrepresentations can you find  in the letter?

For starters, the museum was not closed when the AHS "inherited it". They were given control in August of 2010, and they locked the doors in April of 2011. At the time, the mineral museum was performing far better than any AHS history museum. The reason for the closing is unknown.

Dear Friends of the AZ Historical Society,

This year at the legislature there is a bill (SB 1200 Mining and Mineral Museum; Transfer)  that will move the Mining and Mineral Museum and its collections from the oversight of the Historical Society and into the Arizona Geological Survey.  The Historical Society inherited the closed museum and collections during the Arizona Centennial during the economic downturn.  Despite fiscal constraints, the Historical Society has done outstanding things with the collections.  They have made the collection database available online, moved the valuable collections into adequate storage environments that were lacking previously, and opened up a brand new natural history exhibit.

In the few short years that the Historical Society has overseen the collections and the museum, they have made outstanding progress, but we need your help.  We need you to call the Governor’s office and tell him:
  • The Historical Society is efficiently and effectively maintaining the Mining and Mineral Museum  and it should stay where it is.
  •  Leaving the Museum where it is currently will allow it to progress and flourish.
  • It makes sense and is good government for the Museum to stay with the state agency that runs museums.  

Please Call: 602.542.4331 and tell the Governor to leave the Museum and its collections where they are!

Let’s Make History!
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  1. I could find only one correct/truthful sentence--the first one. After that it is all delusional, falsehoods, and totally
    lacking in fact. This is so typical of AHS. I.m going to send a copy to Sen Allen, who amended the legislation to allow for a 5C's/MMM for the Centennial.. That legislation is still in AHS statutes and has been the focus of legal action and concerns about AHS's violations.

  2. This is such an incredible display of what Steven Colbert called "truthiness". With the careless disregard of logic, facts, and statutes, AHS should perhaps be renamed the Arizona Propaganda Society.

  3. I called. But I told the Governors staff that the AHS should not be involved in this museum. Besides the AHS has a whopping 3,300 visitors a year! I can't contain myself. 50,000 visitors a year and an active school program to 3,300 visitors a year in a gallery spave that nobody will see.
    I will be encouraging my friends to call and I will be emailing the Governors Office.

    1. OK MMM supporters. Don't bother driving by the Marley to see if the MMM is there as claimed. I did and it isn't. Let's all get on the phone and tell the truth. Hey, maybe if they call and we call the system will destruct!!

    2. Hey Friends of AHS, you're up against the kids you clearly don't care about. They aren't calling-they're signing petitions and sending them to the Governor, who probably can see the advantage in promoting science education without big state expenditures

  4. The last big plug in the propaganda is the epitome of AHS egotistical thinking. Look at the results produced by the AHS who does museums best--hopeless failure to get people to come. Other museums are surviving without a big gov. dole. AHS museums are barely surviving despite a multimillion dollar dole each year and being allowed exorbitant salaries for their administrative team. By the way, why weren't your director, admin. person and lobbyist telling all of your lies to the committees? Oh yeah, they're too busy trying to answer all of the audit exceptions AHS has and didn't mention when they spoon fed you all of their misinformation.

  5. Typical AHS garbage with no relation to the facts. It's obvious they really want to keep the state mineral collection. The AHS has one scientific person who has to answer to the clueless! The MMM succeeded because we used the minerals to educate kids, and had many scientific people involved in the effort. AGS is a much better place for the state mineral collection, and they already have the needed paperwork that AHS left behind that makes this collection unique. Where are the kids? Not at the Marley? Not even mentioned in your propaganda. The MMM was about kids. AHS is not--parties are their specialty.