Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Guest Post

My Dear Arizona State Legislator, 

I support SB1200. Why?

1.     After retiring. I visited the museum many times before it closed. On every occasion there was a school bus in the parking lot. Both my niece and nephew, now in their forties, still remember their school visit to the museum. For both to remember their visit after so many years is not an accident. It was a great experience for them.  To me that is one part of successfully managing this museum.

2.     The Arizona Historical Society who has inherited the ownership and accountability of this collection has continually mishandled this collection.  For example:

a.                 Why was the collection subjected to rain damage?  In the years prior to their custody, rain damage was never an issue that had to be addressed.  POOR! custodial ship.

b.                 Have they preserved the science education programs for the K-12 student?   NO! they have not.

c.                  Do they have a qualified scientific curator?  UNCERTAIN

d.                 Do researchers have access to this collection?  UNCERTAIN

e.                 Before closing the public could buy rocks and minerals for their collection. What happened to this option?  NO! they have not.
Again I support any bill that removes the AHS from their incompetent management of this collection.

Yours truly,

Robert Lagodny
622 E. Bridgeport Pkwy
Gilbert, Az 85295

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  1. "Qualified scientific curator"...they got a person with a geology degree. No job experience certainly in museum work.