Wednesday, April 1, 2015

SB1200 passes House

The mineral museum restoration bill was passed by the House of Representatives yesterday. Only two Representatives (Mach and Friese) voted against the bill.  They both argued that the AHS has unique museum management expertise and the museum should not be transferred to another agency.

Apparently Representatives Mach and Fries are not familiar with the status of the once top rated mineral museum and have not read the AHS performance reviews.


  1. I wonder if the membership has read the AHS performance review. Certainly the AHS Board of Directors has not. If the Board had been doing their job none of this mess would be going on. That includes the Rio Nuevo mess too.
    I wonder what the AHS staff thinks about all of this---minus the ones who caused it.

    1. The comment is correct. The AHS State Board of Directors has not been providing adequate oversight. The Senate recognized that, and sponsored SB1201 to change the board.

  2. The House vote is a big victory for MMM supporters and the AZ Geological Survey which has been questioned as it might not have museum management experience ! It looks like the true message has sunk in--AZGS has personnel who helped the MMM achieve its high ratings,and it also has the kind of scientific expertise that will help the restored MMM reach even higher goals. Frankly, the AHS has yet to show the management expertise they seem to think everyone needs. What do they have to show? Whining about money, even though they get millions, poor Sunset reviews, serious financial audit problems, poor attendance at their museums, and on and on. It would be nice if they could step in and help students with the civics test coming up, but who wants advice from the agency that failed to abide by its own statutes (the ones they were present when amended) and seem to want to be above the law. It's not a pretty picture!!