Thursday, April 2, 2015

SB1200 passes Senate

Because SB1200 was amended  in the House, it required another vote in the Senate. That vote occurred early today.

25 Yes
3 No
2 No Vote (excused)

A prior post was critical of Senator Pancrazi for leading the opposition during the first Senate vote.  To her credit, she changed her vote to yes this time.

The bill now goes to the Governor for signature. He has just 5 days to act.

Governor Ducey's  phone number is 602 542 4331. Simply ask for a signature on SB1200.

An email can be sent on:

Put "Please sign SB1200" in the Topic line.


  1. Kudos to Sen. Pancrazi! She was clearly used by AHS and it takes integrity to admit it and address the real issues. This is a day of victory for Sen. Griffen and all of the supporters of SB1200. Of the 90 legislative votes, we got 25 in the Senate and 58 in the House. There were only 5 no votes total, and 2 absentees. Now on to the Governor, who has many reasons to sign it--KIDS being the most important.

  2. Time for updated resumes at the Arizona Historical Society!

    1. Well...I can think of one resume that is being updated right now. Two more after that.

  3. You would think the AHS Board of Directors would take notice of such things? I wonder what they are saying during all of these votes? And now finally the Governor taking this action. All over a small state agency. A small state agency who's administration could not do their job. Such a simple job. Collect and preserve the history of Arizona.

  4. Looks like the Arizona State Senate and House have voted on something the AHS Board of Directors never got a chance to. Funny how that works.

  5. Just think what the new Governor of Arizona must think? He comes into office and now will be signing a bill passed by both House and Senate that will rip from the hands of a small state agency a mineral museum. That mineral museum had one full time employee and a load of hard working volunteers who served and educated the public and school children.
    The Governor has not even had a chance to tour the state agencies holdings (AHS) and now has to vote on it's action to steal and destroy that mineral museum. He probably watched the AHS attempt to come up with several other stupid ideas on how to use the building.
    He has got to think the AHS administration is stupid. And their Board of Director's are stupid and ignorant as well. What a wonderful way to introduce a state agency to the new Governor.