Monday, April 13, 2015

Guest post about veto

So wow, the man had an opportunity to really do some good for the children of Arizona and the state as well. Tens of thousands of these children used to visit the museum every year. Besides learning about some of their heritage,  they had a great and positive time. There is no doubt that this experience helped many to understand the essential role of mining in both building the state of Arizona and still helping to sustain it today.

Even with nearly all the legislative representatives of the state supporting this Bill, one person bows to the inside political lobbying of a few and kills it. In this instance the Governor had an opportunity to be a Statesman for the people and especially for the children of Arizona. Instead he proves to be just another bought and paid for politician.

                                                                                        David Stewart


  1. When I first read the brief veto message I muttered that it sounded like it was written by the powerful AHS lobby which we taxpayers pay for. Since then I believe that the first sentence about Sen. Griffin's work would never have come from them--they're stonewalling her as they really think repeated failures on their Sunset Reviews still qualifies them for 10-year authorization.The middle part is very suspect and many are having trouble figuring out what it means and why it should cause a Governor vote against kids and science education. Notice those terms never appear in the veto.
    The last sentence seems to support destroying, or not preserving historical artifacts as a reason to veto--strange, but in reality that is what AHS needs to do to convert the building to their liking--we pay for it. The last phrase--'at this time' is not AHS as it says Ducey's decision isn't final. That's good, because he hasn't even met with those supporting the MMM museum and kids yet. This is a very busy time for him, and I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. However, I do expect that he will give the kids side equal time and answer the questions and legal issues that the AHS and their powerful lobby refuse to justify. We will be back!!


  2. The veto is indeed a strange and confusing piece--it may well go down in history. Governor Ducey has some explaining to do--he's worried about use of state buildings.
    The only building in question is the MMM which was dedicated for a permanent location for it by joint resolution in the legislature back in 2004. AHS wants to void that resolution along with the law passed with their input that said the MMM and a 5C's museum could share the building. We are just trying to restore the MMM, and know how to run an efficient popular one. There is no need for a plan, unless the AHS lobby has told the Governor they plan to cause trouble if he signs the bill. If that happened, the legislature can help Ducey out--start cutting their multi-million dollar budget for lack of cooperation and poor performance. The closing of the MMM was not smoothe, restoring will only be a problem if AHS refuses to follow another law.

  3. While our Governor is busy pondering "holistic" use of state buildings (whatever that means) he should do something about allowing any agency to have control of a building they are not using. AHS has kept the MMM from being restored by being given rent for it. Take the rent away from them and let the building be used for something productive--like what it once was!
    This is as no-brainer.

  4. Governor Ducey's veto is simply bizarre, and smacks of him being unduly being under the influence of AHS. Think about it, AHS should have and did not have any supporters come forth during the hearings, but they mounted a huge and untruthful campaign to influence the Gov. only. Ducey responded to their pressure, and now is the subject of state and even national bad publicity. I have not seen any positive comments, which is as rare as the overwhelming votes for the MMM in the legislature.
    Something is badly amiss about this veto. It's spilling over into trying to fix education in AZ and puts a cloud over it all, including the office of Governor.

    1. You are right. This veto is weird and suggestive of the unenlightened recent AHS activities trying to get rid of the working mining display outside of the MMM. An AHS member tried to tell MMM supporters that the incredible display that a historical society should want preserved is in a road right away and must be moved. Really, it met all code requirements when it was built! Then the story became it has to be moved down to the capitol--as if they can just pick it up and move it. The truth is that AHS should not think about moving it--the
      stamp mill is complex and is anchored 20 feet into the ground. Any attempt to move it will be very expensive and likely result in its needless destruction. Why does AHS want to destroy historical working equipment, and why does our Governor give this credence? AHS recently admitted that all of the rejected uses for the building would also need an added cost to remove the stampmill. Taxpayers, they expect you to pay for this unmecessary foolishness.

  5. As an educator I really thought Governor Ducey would capitalize on the gift horse handed to him on a platter and vote to restore a respected earth science museum for our students. Nothing the AHS has ever done can begin to match what the MMM did, without a multi-million dollar bjudget from the state. His veto made little sense and left out students with substandard science standards and resources. Giving the MMM to AHS was a huge mistake, and Gov. Ducey allowed them to not discuss their failure and bowed to their end-run lobby, reserved just for him!! They sure do know how to lie to get what they want, even if it embarrasses our state.