Friday, April 24, 2015

Who are the Friends of the AZ Historical Society?

The March 24th post presented a document purportedly from the Friends of the AZ Historical Society.  The March 29th and April 10th posts provide detailed rebuttals of the statements in that document.

A copy of the April 10th rebuttal was sent to the address shown for the  Friends of the AZ Historical Society (101 N. 1st Ave, Phoenix) by USPS (snail mail). It came back with a notation of: "return to sender, not at this address."

The information in the Friends of the AZ Historical Society document was either misinformation or a lie, depending upon the knowledge of the writer.

Who are the  Friends of the AZ Historical Society?


  1. I sure hope the Governor is reading this blog? An agency of the State of Arizona has a "Friends" group with no known address? What is this a "safe house" of the C.I.A.? This is weird.

  2. I think the downtown address on the letter to history museums asking them to urge the Gov, to veto the bill that AHS leaders failed to contest during hearings is just part of the unethical way in which AHS operates. If there really is a case to keep the kids and science education out of the MMM building, let AHS make that case at hearings. The latest claim that the MMM is now at the Marley in Tempe is a case in point. Some of the state minerals are, but even that gallery is unfinished and not drawing viewers. Attendance figures for the Marley remain dismal. Has anyone seen anything close to the children's science programs the MMM had? Add on top of this serious audit issues spanning over 10 years. The bigger question is why is taxpayer money continually poured into this agency??