Monday, April 20, 2015

Lobbyists at their worst

Based upon discussions at the Apr 17th AHS State Board Meeting (documented in a prior post), the battle lines over the mineral museum building are now clearly drawn. On one side are the people, and on the other side are lobbyists led by AHS lobbyists supported by the AHS board. AHS proposals for an alternate museum have been exposed as a front for a lobbyists lounge.

The Legislature responded to the wishes of the people, with the nearly unanimous passage of SB1200 to restore the mineral museum.

Lobbyists managed to have an Administration staff member secure the Governor's veto.

Who will prevail? Lobbyists seeking a Capitol Mall lounge for their comfort, or the people seeking to restore a science education program for children?

Is the Governor aware of the actual issues behind the bill that he vetoed?

He has offended students, teachers, parents, and grandparents.

Note: In the opinion of the blog author, the Governor was unaware of the impact of vetoing SB1200. It is known that no member of the Legislature had an opportunity to discuss SB1200 with either the Governor or any member of his staff prior to the veto.


  1. We do not NEED a AHS Lobbiest's Lounge in downtown Phoenix at the Cappitol where he works, AZ does need to do something about the sorry state of science education and resources for teachers. The MMM was playing an important role at very low cost to the state. It was illegally dismantled by AHS and a Republican Governor, and now another Republican Governor is being recruited to help the AHS again.

  2. Just another "bait and switch" plan. Almost like a used car dealer. Arizona does not need a lobbyist reception center/party house.

  3. While the Governor's veto may have offended students, teachers, parents, and grandparents, it really doesn't matter unless people voice their strong indignation of this action. Otherwise, the lobbyists win.

    Unless the opposition to a Capitol Mall lounge is expressed by not only a few dozen people but by hundreds or even thousands, the lobbyists win.

    Unless this opposition is presented not only once but at every forum where children and education are discussed, the lobbyists win.

    Such a sustained, overwhelming response is needed since the harsh reality is that we essentially have a shadow government of the lobbyists, by the lobbyists, and for the special interests that they represent. Unless people stand up and demand that the mineral museum be restored, you guessed it - the lobbyists win.