Monday, April 27, 2015

Will the Governor listen to the children?

Children, along with teachers, parents, and grandparents, sent letters and emails to Governor Ducey in early 2015. They also made phone calls to request support for SB1200 (Mineral Museum Restoration).  They were very disappointed when the Governor vetoed the bill.

There were a lot of bills, and there was little time before the end of the Legislative session. The Governor could not possibly give individual attention to every bill. However, he did not veto that many bills. Before he vetoed SB1200, why did he only listen to AHS lobbyists? In view of the overwhelming bipartisan support for the bill in the Legislature, why did he not communicate with at least one supporter of mineral museum restoration?

Perhaps the story has to be taken to the people of Arizona, so that the people can  make it even more clear that they want a mineral museum rather than entertainment center for lobbyists. An excellent article by reporter Elizabeth Stuart of the New Times summarizes the current situation.  The link to the story is as follows:


  1. This story is not going to go away and our Governor's unwillingness to discuss all of the concerns over the unnecessary, and illegal closure of the MMM will need to be reaired to let everyone know what really happened. The AHS statutes were revised to have both the MMM and a 5 C's Centennial Museum in the building under AHS management. That statute still exists and Governor Brewer signed it. The building is empty and has been for four years. Gov. Ducey says he wanted more planning, but his office had a gag order on AGS so the needed planning could not happen! The kids, and AZ science eduation, were the victims of the abrupt, and yet explained, closure of the MMM and they remain so after Ducey's veto.

  2. Governor Ducey's veto certainly did nothing to assure AZ students that he really wants them back in the building dedicated to be a permanent home for the Mining and Mineral Museum. Students from all over the valley signed petitions to let him know they wanted it back. He and his staff totally failed to even acknowledge the kids. He did however bow to lobbyest concerns about such weighty issues as holistic use of buildings (the MMM did not meet Brewer's strange focus on "beauty") and AHS needing to destroy an historic mining display protected by their own statutes, and Ducey thinks that might be OK! The kids and their teachers, who understand the need for immediate attention to earth science education were shoved aside. Fortunately, the legislature did listen and listened well. Can't wait to hear the comments from kids when their advocates read them the veto message.