Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Rewriting history

In a somewhat nonsensical response to an editorial in the Sierra Vista Herald, the AHS has attempted to defend its senseless destruction of the mineral museum. Not surprisingly, the response is filled with with misinformation and a distortion of history.

Annoyed with the following editorial in the Herald;

OUR VIEW: Let's end the honeymoon

The AHS submitted this response;

The Herald subsequently published the following rebuttal:

OUR READERS' VIEWS: AHS misreads history


  1. The President of the AHS Board should ask himself before he writes material like this "did I ever get a chance to vote on this AHS move to take over the Mineral Museum" The answer is no. He was not the president then but maybe he was on the board? If that is the case he needs to ask Ann Woosley just what she was trying to do?
    He should also ask Ann Woosley why she does not raise any money. Maybe even ask how much money he himself has raised for the agency.
    The only thing I want to read him write about is how he is going to fire Ann Woosley and Bill Ponder for getting his board involved in this mess with the Governor.
    Fire Woosley and do your job.

  2. Maybe that AHS president should ask why the attendance is so miserable at the AHS museums. The attendance continues to go down! Read your own AHS Board minutes--nobody talks about it. You are a fool.

  3. What does the board actually do at these meetings? Do they even ask Ann Woosley what she is working on? What museum she is taking over? How many visitors actually come through the front doors? What money she is raising?
    I realize a museum director wants a stupid board of directors so they can do what they want but this is going too far.

  4. If the board president does not know what is going on and then has to defend stupid moves by the director then why be on the board?

  5. The AHS President's attempt to justify the loss of the respected MMM smacked of spoon fed input from Woosley and Norton, who also had input for the Governor's veto. There's no way the president came up with this by himself. He was used to make the same old claims that have failed in the past.The legislature did not buy any of this. As to what the AHS board does, basically nothing, except rubber stamp the staff, and remember back to the Centennial--Woosley committed AHS and told her board she could not tell them about it--and they bought it, and now are stuck with the colossal failure. Their attempts just keep sounding more and more pathetic.

  6. I would wonder what Dr. Ann Woosley's "staff" really thinks about her career at AHS. I am not talking about Bill Ponder or Madison Barkley but the staff who works hard at doing history and library and archives? I would think they would cheer if Woosley got fired or "retired" before she got fired.

  7. I bet the AHS President would wish that the AHS would just go back to collecting history and building exhibits and serving the researchers in the library. Oh and maybe raising money for programs...whoever still does that.
    Just do what a state agency is supposed to do. One that does history (and now minerals!) Just like Arizona State Parks does or Sharlot Hall Museum.
    Where was the board when the Mineral Museum was taken over? And why?