Thursday, April 16, 2015


 Note item 9A(1)

Notice of Public Meeting of
The Arizona Historical Society
Board of Directors
Mission: To collect, preserve, interpret, and disseminate the
history of Arizona and the West.
Friday, April 17, 2015, 12:00 p.m. at
the Museum at Papago Park, 1300 N. College Ave., Tempe, AZ

9. Items Scheduled for Board
A. SB1200, SB1201:
(1) Post-veto plans to address mining and minerals future*
(2) Preparations for transition to a Governor appointed board of

*Surely the AHS can't believe that the veto ended the dispute?


  1. Maybe this would be a good time to fire Ann Woosley? She and Bill Ponder has brought all of this upon the board. They have done such a good job that the newly elected Governor has seen fit to look for ways to revamp the board.
    The Membership of AHS is so good the membership committee of the AHS Board cancelled a meeting because not enough members even showed up.
    What a bunch of misfits. The AHS Board let Woosley get involved with the Rio Nuevo mess and close a mineral museum in Phoenix for nothing.
    Fire Woosley, fire Ponder.

  2. I would suggest all the taxpayers lookup the Arizona Historical Society Board of Directors. It's on their website. Read the agendas and the minutes that are posted. Not much going on. Few decisions that mean anything. Hard to understand why they even meet.But on the other hand the director probably likes it that way.
    Best way to reform a board like this is to put people on who make real decisions and who keep an eye on the director. God only knows she needs watching.
    Maybe actually make her come out of her office and raise the awareness of the agency and maybe---just maybe raise some funds.

    1. They AHS has three strikes now. They failed to raise funds for the Marley Center Museum displays, they failed to raise funds for the History Museum at Rio Nuevo, and they failed to raise funds for the Arizona Experience Museum. They did waste millions of dollars on useless plans.

    2. True---but the Rio Nuevo mess wasted $ 230,000,000 in taxpayers money. Woosley knew that nothing would really happen. Her East Coast exhibits friends enriched themselves. There was NO chance that her or her Board would have raised the millions needed for that mess. A total waste.
      A real Board of Directors would have made sure all of this would not have happened. But the old board never voted on these issues.

    3. If I was AHS Board member and I woke up one morning and found out that the agency I claim to operate on some level has decided to take part in a "Rio Nuevo" project that will cost the taxpayers of Arizona $230,000,000 and I didn't have a vote on it I would be really mad.
      Or to wake up on another morning and find out that my agency was taking over a Mineral Museum near the capitol and that the AHS was going to throw the minerals, the volunteers and the programs out to try to operate a "Centennial" Museum---no wait a 5 'C"'s Museum---no wait an Arizona Experience Museum (whatever the hell that would be) ---no wait give the building to the 48 Women's Organization....I would be really, really mad.
      The next morning I would be looking for the letters of resignation from Ann Woosley and Bill Ponder to be on my desk.
      Or at the next meeting of the Board of Directors I would be asking for those letters in front of my fellow Board members.