Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Why the mineral museum must be reopened

The Arizona Historical Society cannot understand the value of the mineral museum. They are determined to replace it with an entertainment center. How will a lounge for lobbyists help Arizona?

The members of the AHS should consider some questions about the fututre:

Would they like the lights to come on when they flip the switch?

Would they like to own another new car someday, or would they just as soon learn to ride a horse?

Do they like the internet, or would they prefer to go back to using paper, quill pen, and pony express?

The link below describes a shortage of economic geologists that may eventually jeopardize our economy and lifestyle. Where will future economic geologists come from if K-12 students do not have an opportunity to be exposed to mineral science education programs?


  1. Like just how hard is this. Why can't a small state agency just collect artifacts, preserve collect archival and photo collections and make them available to the public during regular open hours. Build and present artifacts in an educational exhibit and keep the museums open.
    Of course, public relations and fund raising does not seem to be in the life of the administration of the AHS. That would mean actually walking out of their offices and meeting people.
    Instead the admin. of this agency just wants to "play" in the capitol area by destroying a mineral museum and now wanting to open a "party central".

  2. This all centers on what AZ needs! AHS cares only about themselves and lobbiests, as that is the only way they know how to operate, We have plenty lobbiests-and they do have a place. But negatively impacting seriously lagging earth sceince and all science in AZ education is not a worthy cause for them.
    AHS is actually looking to destroy a rare working mining display in order to have their party place for lobbiests in honor of the Governor! Do they ever read their statutes? Governor Ducey better be very careful and explain his relationship with AHS before he is conned into another AHS mess and his reputation suffers just as Brewer's did when she became their puppet.

  3. Right! I remember Brewer wanting a 5C's Museum to honor our past for the Centennial. Not a bad idea at all when it could be in the same building as the MMM. AHS with the high priced Gallagher and Associates had already been chosen for a project that did not need them. Brewer fell for AHS wanting to bring Gallagher to Phoenix after the failed Rio Nuevo mess in Tucson. This would have been a comedy of errors had it not ended tragically for the MMM and in violation of AHS statutes. By the time Brewer told the 5C's they had to pay $1million for her to honor them as her birthday gift to AZ, 4 of the 5 disappeared. Before anyone blinked, AHS and Gallagher were designing a $15 million Arizona Experience Museum that was a secret and never happened either. We simply don't need another Governor hooking up with AHS. Governor Ducey needs to bone up on the Sunset Reviews of this floundering agency that relies rather strictly on pedaling their influence rather than serving AZ. Their taxpayer funded museums are unable to attract the public, but their lobbiest is still trying to justify them.

    1. At one point the AHS actually had some good exhibit designers. But that was a long time ago. Any decent museum exhibit who is local could have designed a great exhibit. East coast over priced designers did not need to be brought in. Unless there was some kind of tie in with Woosley?? Too bad the AG could not investigate that.