Saturday, November 21, 2015

Further evidence

The prior post was sarcastic, but the underlying question is serious.  Why is the AHS presenting a false history about itself?  The question is not if  it is wrong, the question is why it is wrong.

An early, multi volume record of Arizona history also exposes the truth.  Farish, writing is 1916 about the History of Prescott and the first AHS (actually the Arizona Historical Association), also reports that it quickly went out of existence.

The Arizona Historical Society had only a brief existence. After the removal of the capitol from Prescott, it was abandoned, probably for want of supplies.

Whether the false history is the result of incompetence or dishonesty is unknown. Either way, Arizona taxpayers should wonder why they are providing this organization with millions of dollars every year.

Reference: Farish, Thomas Edwin, History of Arizona,Volume IV Phoenix, Arizona, 1916, Page 260

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