Sunday, November 29, 2015

Spoofing the senate?

In the fall of 2003, the director of the AHS testified before a Senate committee. Among other things, the senators were told that:

From its founding by the territorial Legislature on November 7, 1864, the understanding of history and the need to pass that history to future generations have been the guiding principles of AHS.

As show by prior posts, the AHS was not founded in 1864, and the AHS was still well aware of that. In 2005, two years after the hearing, the AHS letterhead still displayed the correct founding date of 1884.

Also, the AHS was not founded by the territorial legislature. It was founded by Charles Poston in Tucson.

Why did the director of the AHS misinform the Senate about the founding of the AHS?

How can a historical society misrepresenting its own history continue to receive public funding?

Senate hearing, Monday, Oct. 20, 2003 (Senate Government Committee) Arizona historical society.doc.htm


  1. Dr. Ann Woosley reminds me of a Soviet historian. Somebody who can predict the past.

  2. Leland Sonnichsen is spinning in his grave. So why did AHS publish his book about the history of the Historical Society if the date was not true?
    Someone on the AHS Board needs to ask this question at the next meeting.

    1. Does Dr. Ann Woosley think everybody besides herself is stupid?

  3. It is time for Dr. Ann Woosley to show her proof that the AHS was started in 1864.

  4. If Dr. Ann Woosley was teaching a freshman Arizona History class at a Junior College and wrote a paper that stated the date of the AHS founding in 1864 even though the agency had already celebrated the 100th year date in 1984 she would have had to show her sources! So Woosley where are your sources? Time to "put up or shut up" The use of the 1864 date has been used everywhere the Arizona Historical Society name has been used.
    I say show your sources or resign your position.