Friday, November 6, 2015

Spreading the bad word

Continued AHS obstruction of  mineral museum restoration is unacceptable. When enough Arizona citizens are aware of the illegal and unethical AHS conduct, corrective action will follow

Former mineral museum supporters are busily spreading the bad word about the AHS. They have been going to schools, offering free rock and mineral education programs and also free rock and mineral kits for teachers. The programs are very popular. and greatly appreciated. Last school year alone, over 5,000 students were served. Students and teachers are being briefed on the ugly AHS closure of the mineral museum, and are volunteering to support its restoration.

Today and tomorrow, museum supporters are participating in the Arizona Science Teachers Association annual conference.  They are briefing attendees on the ugly AHS closure and subsequent looting of the mineral museum, and are being provided with material on so attendees can participate in the restoration.

The Arizona Mining and Mineral Museum will be back. It will just take a bit longer to crush AHS opposition.


  1. Will any AHS staff be at that conference? They did have a "curator" who was responsible for the minerals and science 'education'. But that person quit. Leaving a State job with an HMO, retirement, great pay for not a lot of work...(AHS Phoenix had 3,300 visitors last year!)
    So who will AHS send???

  2. Why doesn't the AHS Board just fire Woosley and end this madness. And while they are at it fire Bill Ponder too.

    1. Is there ANY State of Arizona agency that has created such a mess in the media, for another museum and for the taxpayers?

    2. No--these "historians" are unique. They are still waiting for someone to bail them out of the fiasco of their closing the Mining and Mineral Museum, They cannot put it back together--they lack the scientific expertise, and those who were running it and doing a bang up job want nothing to do with AHS. Why? They were fired, the doors slammed, without warning while fieldtrips were scheduled. And AHS has never explained why--certainly not because they had raised the funds for the elite museum imagined but no one wanted to fund! This group shoots from the hip and expects everyone to fall at their feet. Accountability is not in their value system!