Sunday, February 14, 2016

Historical society obstructs science education

The following letter was distributed to 700 media contacts across Arizona:

Over 40,000 children visited the once top rated Arizona Mining and Mineral Museum in Phoenix every year. Most were brought by teachers or scout leaders to participate in structured earth science education programs. School buses arrived almost daily, and came from as far away as Yuma.

Then, the Arizona Historical Society gained control of it in 2010.  In early 2011, the AHS inexplicably locked the doors even as children were still scheduled for field trips. Every year since, the AHS has accepted and spent the full mineral museum budget, but has refused to operate the museum.

Now, Senate Bill 1440 would reopen the museum and restore the K-12 education programs by transferring all mineral museum assets to a state agency willing and able to operate the mineral museum. The AHS is now using public funds to hire lobbyists to oppose the bill. The AHS has no plans for the building, but does not want to allow others to reopen the mineral museum for students and teachers.
                                                                              Dick Zimmermann, Tempe


  1. I just viewed the tape of the Wed. hearing on SB1400. Sen. Griffin and Dick Zimmermann gave clear and concise input on the need to give the Mining and Mineral Museum back to the students who were the victims of AHS and Gov. Brewer when the MMM was abruptly closed. The mumbling and bumbling lobbyist for AHS was not clear or precise in their opposition to the bill. He ended up essentially saying that AHS would have to approve any future use, but that he no longer was trying to get the building for lobbyists! Reality Check Time!! That building was assigned to AHS and can be reassigned to the AZ Geological Survey by the legislature, not AHS.
    Sen.Kavanah engaged in a classic questioning dual with Norton and just could not get a clear AHS position. Kudos to Sen. Griffin for getting private money to help restore the museum--she really cares about science education for our kids.

    1. Sen. Kavanah dualing with Lobbyist Norton would be like boxing with a one armed man. Sen. Kavanah will have no problem. And why is Norton even still involved with the AHS. He has done no good for the agency.But then neither has Woosley and Ponder.

  2. How can anyone in their right mind defend the AHS continuing to "operate" the Mineral Museum building. I say building because there is not a museum there. The University of Arizona will have no problem running a museum/educational facility there!
    All of their current museums are well run and professional.
    And the most important point is that they will not have a brain dead Board of Directors involved. And a agency director who cannot and will not even leave her office. She can't raise money, public awareness. Ann Woosley your time is almost done. Time to work on that retirement paperwork.Bill Ponder time to get a real job.