Saturday, February 27, 2016

Status of SB1440

SB1440 is on the Senate Rules Committee agenda for Monday. There is no public hearing. Following that, it will go to the majority and minority caucuses, and then to the COW.  That’s legislative schedule short hand for Committee of the Whole, or the entire legislative body. In this case, that is the Senate.

From there, it goes to the House. Committee assignments are usually made on Friday, so there could be more public hearings the following week.

Now is a good time for SB140 supporters to send messages to their House representatives and to the Governor.


  1. So what does the administration of AHS do when this passes? They just walk away and wash their hands of this? Act like nothing happened? Legislators have a long memory.

  2. Hopefully the taxpayers, AHS membership and their own Board of Directors will remember.

  3. If the director of any other State agency caused this much trouble you would think they would retire? Just think how much trouble and bad public relations they have caused.
    Maybe Ann Woosley will retire at the end of all of this.