Wednesday, March 2, 2016

SB1440 sent to House

SB1440 was sent to the House today following a 24 to 2 vote with 2* Senators not voting. Senators Pierce and Hobbs voted no.

Senators Mesa, Quezada, and Farley previously voted against the bill in Senate committees (Government and Appropriations) but changed their vote to yes in the full Senate vote.

Senator Contreras voted no in the Government committee but did not vote on the senate floor. Senators Barto, Miranda, and Dial were the other three Senators who did not vote today.

*there are two vacancies in the Seante


  1. Just keeps getting better for the Arizona Historical Society. Probably the largest agency self inflicted wound of all Arizona history. All avoidable too. All the cause of one ego driven and lazy museum director.
    Has anyone actually made a count of how many times the director has actually left her office?

  2. The Senate vote was very encouraging and perhaps this year we can actually right the 5-year-old wrong surrounding the failed 5C's, Centennial, Experience Museum fiasco. Sen.Griffin's bill gives back to our science students and teachers what should never have been taken from them. Here's to showing them that the legislative process does work in AZ!!

  3. I was looking at the AHS Board minutes. They stated that attendance at the Phoenix (Papago Park) museum was down 7% over last year. Just keeps getting better!! Shameful.

    1. When both facility cost and annual State budget allocations are considered, each visitor costs taxpayers hundreds of dollars. How long will that be allowed to continue?

    2. I wonder if the figure includes the rentals and meetings and library researchers? If that is true then there are very few actual museum/tourist visitors. Then the costs per "visitor" would be way higher.

  4. I bet Dr. Ann Woosley can see this coming her way. She caused all of this. I have no sympathy for her and any employees who thought this was a good idea. She deserves whatever she gets and whatever the agency gets from all of this.
    I can just think what the next budget hearings will look like for the AHS. They Legislators have a long memory.