Wednesday, March 30, 2016

State historian rewriting history?

As reported in the March 11 post, Marshall Trimble, history teacher and  official state historian, appeared to be revising history during a recent Channel 3 interview. Is that actually what he is trying to do, or was he duped by the AHS? Trimble is now also board president for the AHS. Therefore, the remainder of his term as president will determine whether or not he is an honest and competent historian and should continue to be the appointed Arizona state historian.

As documented on prior posts, with detailed references, the AHS is falsifying its own history.  It is pretending to be the same AHS that existed for only a few years in the 1860s, but it clearly is not. Will Marshall Trimble the historian correct this misrepresentation, or will Marshall Trimble the AHS board president permit the hoax to continue? It is a serious test that will either sustain or demolish his reputation as a historian.

To properly address this challenge, Mr Trimble needs to do some historical research. An excellent place to begin would be with Pioneer Heritage by C. L. Sonnichsen. This book was published by the present day Arizona Historical Society to celebrate its centennial in 1984. Yes, 1984, not 1964.

Sometime after 1984, the AHS rewrote its own history.

Note: The present  day AHS was named the Society of Arizona Pioneers when it was founded. The name was not changed to the Arizona Historical Society until nearly a century later.


  1. All he has to do is to walk into Dr. Ann Woosley's office and ask to see the documents that prove her contention that the AHS was founded in 1864. Just ask her.

  2. Perhaps she would show him the documents for the WRONG AHS that was established in 1864. To unravel this mess, Mr. Trimble needs to study the complete history of the Society of Arizona Pioneers as well as the history of the first AHS. Sharlot Hall museum has the very brief history of the first AHS.

    1. It is all in the book by C.L. Sonnichsen. If Trimble needs a copy I can give him a few dollars so he can order a copy. Or maybe there is one in the AHS Research Library. I would believe Dr. Sonnichsen and all of the award winning books he wrote over Dr. Ann Woosley and her one photo book she did for Arcadia Press.
      And Trimble won't have any problem finding Dr. Woosley...she never leaves her office.

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  3. Here is my answer to Mr. Trimble. Read the AHS Published book on the history of AHS! It's all in there. How hard can it be? If you are unsure then ask Dr. Ann Woosley where her data is that she used to change the date.
    Maybe you and the Board should stop listening to her. Maybe the Board should have voted for the date change?