Sunday, March 27, 2016

History quiz for Marshall Trimble

Marshall Trimble is now both official state historian and president of the AHS board.  Is he qualified for those positions? Can he get even one right answer on the following quiz? 

Who founded the AHS?
             a.   The Territorial Legislature
b           b.   Charles Poston
c           c.  Governor Hunt
d           d.  Father Kino

How often has the AHS change its name?
a           a.  Never
b           b.  Once
             c. Twice
d           d. Seven times

Where was the AHS founded?
            a. Prescott 
            b. Tucson
            c. Fort Misery
d          d.  Snowflake

When was the AHS founded?
a          a. 1864
b          b. 1842
c          c. 1884
     d. 1914

In 1920, who was eligible to join the AHS?
   a. Anyone
b        b. Tucson residents
c        c.  Descendants of pioneers
d        d. Designated historians

 How many years after its centennial did hte AHS celebrate its 150th anniversary?
     a. 50
      b. 30
      c . 51
      d. 49

How much money did the AHS raise to build their Tempe museum?
a        a.  $5 million
b        b. $25 million
c        c. $1 million
d        d. None

Hint: According to written Arizona history, (a) is not the correct response to any of the seven questions. That is contrary to AHS promotional material.


  1. Maybe you should have a question about which AHS Board member is related to the AHS Lobbyist Jim Norten?
    And a question as to why the AHS needs a Lobbyist? if their attendance was really high and they were popular with the taxpayers and out of state visitors they would not need such contracts with "lobbyists".But with 3,000 visitors a year for the Phoenix museum no wonder.

  2. How does the lobbyist explain the extremely low attendance at the AHS Museums?

    1. He doesn't--neither does anyone else in the AHS! He says they have hundreds coming--hey buddy, that doesn't cut it--you threw out 40,000 kids a year!

  3. Here are some questions for the quiz. How many visitors have visited the AHS Museum in Phoenix this year? How many visitors have visited the AHS Museum in Tucson this year? The answers are shocking given the amount of taxpayers money that goes into the facilities.

  4. Annual AHS attendance in Tempe dwindled down to 3,000, and the AHS is now hiding the most recent numbers. Considering that facility cost is not included in the AHS budget, each visitor costs taxpayers hundreds of dollars.

  5. That is not a horrible number that is criminal. I wonder if the 3,000 number for Phoenix facility includes all school tours, rentals and the people who come to those events, winter visitors as well as locals and library researchers. If that is the case then the number 3,000 is beyong terrible. The Tucson facility was down to around 7,000 at one point recently.
    Compare these numbers to any other museums in these two cities and the numbers are unbelievable.

  6. School tours at the AHS museum in Tempe? When was the last time anyone saw a school bus there? Teachers know that less than mediocre museum has no educational value.

    1. I don't know of any history museum or historic site in Arizona that gets an attendance number that low! And in a valley that has 4 million people living in it plus all of the tourists that visit. All of their museums except one has low attendance.