Friday, March 25, 2016

History lesson for Marshall Trimble

As reported in recent posts, Marshall Trimble made completely fallacious statements about the history of the Arizona Mining and Mineral Museum in a recent Channel 3  interview. It was remarkably careless and unprofessional behavior for an official state historian.

A key employee of the top rated mineral museum has corrected Mr. Trimble with a letter first sent directly to him and then posted on on March 25. A brief history lesson for Mr. Trimble was enclosed with the letter. It is also posted on CAMMAZ.

Is Mr. Trimble a professional historian who can still learn and correct his mistakes? Or is he now just a political hack for the Arizona Historical Society who is using his name recognition to spread AHS misinformation?


  1. Don't know if he is a hack. But he sure believes everything Ann Woosley tells him.

  2. Trimble is the Pres. of the AHS, an organization that can't keep their own history straight, and do not manage successful history museums. But they want you to believe they are qualified in the area of earth science, with two displays in a history museum. This agency is not qualified to manage the state mineral collection which has always been under
    excellent science oversight.

  3. The AHS director knows that what Trimble said is not true. She saw the top rated mineral museum serving teachers and children before the AHS locked the doors.

  4. A museum director of Dr. Woosley's ilk would normally like a Board President and Board who were either ignorant or lazy. Looks like she got both.
    If Boards raise money and can give direction the museum director does not have much to do. If they don't you better have a director who can do both of those things. Ann Woosley can do neither.
    She raises no money, gives no direction other than becoming embroiled in a mess in Phoenix taking over a mineral museum for no reason.
    For sure she has an ignorant Board President.

  5. Pretty bad situation. A director who can't raise money and has no presence in the community, running museum that nobody goes into and a Board of Directors who can't raise any money and a Board President who is clueless. Pretty funny when you think about it.

    1. The mineral museum mess was planned in secret without any board oversight.

  6. One other player deserves credit for the AHS mess--their lobbyist. Because he can't argue a plausible defense for them at a hearing, he has to resort to trying to manipulate politically. Sure haven't hear any defense of Trimble from him! Oh yes, the lobbyist knew AHS was violating their statutes when the closed the MMM.

  7. It's amazing that Trimble didn't address the fact that the AZ legislature wants the Mining and Mineral Museum back. They have been told what happened and are not about to give AHS 2+Million to remodlel the building that served science well, plus the 3-400,000 a year to staff it after that. Sen. Griffin has examined theri proposal in detail, and debunked much of it.