Thursday, February 11, 2016

Let's fake history?

 The current motto on the Arizona Historical Society website is "Lets Make History". One letter in that motto may be in error.

The Senate hearing on the current mineral museum transfer bill (SB1440) was held on Wednesday afternoon. This year, instead of feigning neutrality and then lobbying for a veto, the AHS is actively opposing the transfer bill in public hearings. Their spokesperson opened their opposing argument with a worn out talking point from years past.

The AHS claims the closure of the mineral museum was not their fault, but the result of an economic downturn. They argue that their centennial museum project failed because the recession made fundraising impossible and the mineral museum is closed because the centennial museum project failed. This lame atempt at revising history is nonsense. The recession began two years before the AHS began planning the centennial museum.  The ongoing recession was certainly not a surprise in 2010, and the centennial museum really failed because  the people did not want it..
When the AHS locked the children out of the mineral museum in early 2011, they knew the fundraising effort had failed. There was no reason to close the mineral museum, even temporarily, because there were no funds to begin construction of the centennial museum.

Furthermore, the AHS had a statutory responsibility to continue operating the mineral museum as part of the centennial museum, and was fully funded to do so. The fact that the centennial museum displays could not be built was no reason to lock the doors in front of children coming to visit the mineral museum .

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