Sunday, February 27, 2011

Will Arizona’s Centennial be postponed?

On Arizona’s 98th birthday, Governor Brewer announced a magnificent centennial “birthday gift”. The nine million dollar 5C Arizona Centennial Museum, featuring cotton and cows was to be absolutely awesome. The Governor promised:

“This new Centennial Museum will be a vibrant, interactive facility, offering state-of-the-art technology and exhibits unlike any in Arizona.”

Unfortunately, her 5C Arizona Centennial Museum project managers dropped the ball. The Arizona Centennial 2010 Foundation and the Arizona Historical Society have accomplished nothing since the Governors exciting announcement. Now, following Arizona’s 99th birthday, they have a serious problem.  The “centennial” museum can never be open until a year or more after Arizona’s centennial. So, what do you call a centennial museum that has nothing to do with a centennial?

In their recent belated solicitation for a general contractor, the project managers introduced the name “The Arizona Experience.”  That may not be as absurd as centennial museum, but it also has a problem.  The name is completely worn out.  A Google search on the phrase “The Arizona Experience” brings up hundreds (perhaps thousands) of prior uses.  A few examples are:

·        A 2011 dog show sponsored by the Border Terrier Club of America
·       A children’s coloring book by Carole Marsh
·       A presentation on wolves by Kim Crumbo
·       A book about Arizona by Adrian Peterson
·       A package deal at the Adobe Rose Inn Bed & Breakfast in Tucson.
·       An article on managed medical cost savings by Nelda McCall
·       An endowment campaign by the University of Arizona Alumni Association
·       A national weather service article on data collection by Al Haffer
·       A Federal Highway Administration report on ADOT asset management
·       A paper on Colorado River water rights by lawyer Robert Glennon
·       A report on charter schools by the Goldwater Institute
·       A Kino community Hospital report on mental health care by JM Santiago
·       A panel discussion on Arizona experience with SB 1070 on KCPW news.
·       What the Town of Cave Creek claims to offer tourists
·       Group Communication Therapy for Aphasia patients
·       A paper on rubberized asphalt by Julie Kliewer of the Arizona DOT
·       A paper on acute cared hospital beds by Frank G. Williams
·       Service provided by Private Coach Limos of Sedona, AZ

Renaming the centennial museum just won’t work.  Even with a name less lame that “The Arizona Experience” a “centennial” museum that misses the centennial will be a flop.  There is only one workable solution. Arizona’s centennial must be postponed.

Arizona cannot be cheated out of a fitting introduction for “exhibits unlike any in Arizona.”  This magnificent gift must be introduced with appropriate pomp and ceremony.

The centennial can wait!

The 5C Arizona Centennial Museum must be presented on Arizona’s centennial, just as the Governor promised.

                        Artists sketch as of February 2010

                     Artists sketch as of January 2011
                     (note chnged name above doors)

Press Release: Office of the Governor
Governor Announces Centennial Birthday Present
Privately-funded museum dedicated to telling Arizona’s remarkable story of growth Phoenix, February 12, 2010

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  1. Sorry for the ugly text dump, but note the date, July 1, 2010, and the reference to "the Arizona Experience (previously known as AZ Mining & Minerals Bldg)." Maybe the project managers knew as early as last summer that the Centennial Museum was a sham.

    20 Arizona Department of Commerce - Energy Office Solar Photovoltaic @ The Arizona Experience 1502 W. Washington, Phoenix, AZ Date Funded: 07/01/10 Senior Project Manager: Janet Collegio General Manager: Roger Berna Budget: $356,636.00 Budget Source: ARRA Index No. 21605 Architect/Engineer: Sky Renewable Energy Contractor: Sky Renewable Energy Statewide Statutory Review Project # N/A Completion Dates Construction Documents: N/A 0 Percent Complete Bid Date: N/A Notice to Proceed: 02/01/11 Substantial Completion: 04/30/11 0 Percent Complete Target Completion: 04/30/11 Project Description Design and install a Photovoltaic System on the Arizona Experience (previously known as AZ Mining & Minerals Bldg) Project Status

    The original can be found on page 20 here: