Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Is Governor Brewer breaking her promise again?

Senate Bill 1262 establishes a special license plate for the Arizona Centennial. It also requires that part of the sale proceeds be transferred to the Arizona Historical Society for the centennial museum. When Governor Brewer signs that bill, she will again be breaking her promise that “no public funds” would be used for the centennial museum.

On January 31, this blogger spoke in opposition the bill at a Senate hearing. Material previously presented on this blog was presented, and the main points were:

  • More public money should not be given to the AHS (documents reporting problems within the AHS were cited)

  • What will the AHS do with the money if there is no centennial museum?

  • In 2009, the AHS budget was being phased out over 5 years to cut cost. When the centennial museum idea appeared, their budget was restored. That is costing taxpayers $4 million dollars a year in the midst of a financial crisis.

  • The “centennial” museum cannot possibly be open for the centennial

  • The Marley Center Museum experience indicates that, if built, the centennial museum will fail

After the hearing, a person associated with the AHS approached this blogger and essentially stated that these issues should be discussed in private rather than in a public brawl over the centennial museum. However, that person did not wish to participate in such discussions.

Could private talks on these issues resolve anything?


The goal of this blog is as stated in the “about me” section that appears beside each post:

Committed to repealing House Bill 2251 and reassigning the Arizona mineral collection from the Arizona Historical Society back to an entity with appropriate scientific credentials.

Who wants to talk?

Note: The building currently occupied by the mineral museum and the "mineral museum" as defined by state statute are separate issues. The "mineral museum" consists of all assets other than the building, and includes the mineral collection.

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  1. Private talks will do nothing.
    AHS has a long history of hiring staff unqualified, lazy, non-forward thinking, unethical, and completely out of touch with the wants of patrons. So, are we to talk to those people..in private?? Too late.
    AHS is a rotting corpse. Tucson's AHS museum still has up (after years) an exhibit promoting Rio Nuevo!!! AHS is out of touch, out of control, and because of their devotion to having bad public relations and exhibits, may be soon out of work.