Friday, February 18, 2011

Special Arizona Centennial plates will damage K-12 education

Senator Linda Gray of Phoenix sponsored Senate Bill 1262.  The bill will create a special license plate commemorating Arizona’s centennial.  That seems innocent enough, but this is a very bad bill for Arizona. It will cause serious damage to K-12 science education.

In 2012 and there after, $17 from each plate sale will go to the Arizona Historical Society to operate the new $14 million 5C Arizona Centennial Museum. That superficial history museum will displace the existing top rated Arizona Mining and Mineral Museum and the associated earth science education programs. The mineral museum currently provides training materials for teachers, conducts out reach programs for Arizona schools, and hosts K-12 students on structured educational field trips. Those trips are a lifetime learning experience. Arizonians now in their 50s vividly remember their class field trip to the mineral museum. Those trips have inspired many engineers and scientists. The AHS is already refusing to schedule more field trips.

Also, when Governor Brewer signs SB 1262, she will be breaking the promise she made to the people of Arizona in her press release of February 12, 2010. In both the press release and a presentation, she promised that no public funds would be used for the new 5C Arizona Centennial Museum.

PLEASE DO NOT PURCHASE special Arizona Centennial plates.

Lawmakers propose bevy of specialty license plates
Rabekah Zemansky
Cronkite News Service
The Arizona Republic
Page B3
February 18, 2011

Although work has not even started on the 5C Arizona Centennial Museum yet, it is already 50% over budget and a year behind schedule. It cannot possibly open until long after the Arizona centennial is over.

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  1. When the AHS tried selling AHS license plates hardly anyone bought one. I cant see very many people buying these Centennial plates.