Sunday, February 13, 2011

A treasure worth saving!

As demonstrated by prior posts on this blog, the Arizona Historical Society apparently has no interest in preserving Arizona’s mining history.  Their misguided 5C Arizona Centennial Museum project (AKA The Arizona Experience) may actually destroy some of it.

A newspaper reporter however, does value Arizona’s mining history.  Arizona Republic reporter Kathleen Ingley’s recent article (A treasure worth saving) describes an effort to purchase and preserve the Vulture Mine near Wickenburg.  She tells the story of Henry Wickenburg’s discovery of the fabulously rich mine, and follows its story through its closure in 1942.  She goes on to recommend supporting the preservation of the historic site as a fitting birthday gift for Arizona’s centennial.  The Vulture Mine Preservation and Restoration Association is currently raising funds to purchase and preserve the Vulture. Their website is:

Arizona also has an opportunity to preserve mining history and save money by stopping the Arizona Centennial Commission and the Arizona Historical Society’s misguided attempt to spend millions displacing the existing top rated Arizona Mining and Mineral Museum (and its K-12 education programs) with the 5C Arizona Centennial Museum (AKA The Arizona Experience).  The 5C “centennial museum” museum cannot be open for Arizona’s centennial anyway, so the centennial celebration will not be diminished in any way.

Call Kathleen Ingley at 602 444 8171. Thank her for the fine article she wrote about the Vulture, and ask her to help preserve more of Arizona’s mining history (especially the mineral museum).

A treasure worth saving
Decaying Vulture Mine a spot rich in Arizona history
Kathleen Ingley
The Arizona republic
Sunday, February 13, 2011
Pages B10 & B11

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