Sunday, February 20, 2011

Students protest 5C Arizona Centennial Museum

Last spring, the AZ Legislature gave the Arizona Historical Society control of the Arizona Mining and Mineral Museum. The AHS plans to replace it with the 5C Arizona Centennial Museum.  The AHS has announced that the mineral museum will be closed June 1st. Thus far, the AHS has refused to reveal what will happen to the mineral collection and historic mining artifacts.

The first student protest against the 5C Arizona Centennial Museum was held on Saturday, Feb 19th.  Students are outraged that the mineral museum is being scrapped to make room for a centennial museum that will never be open for the Arizona centennial anyhow.  Thus far, the centennial museum is 50% over budget and a year behind schedule. Furthermore, the required private funding has not been raised, and there are efforts, such as SB 1262, to sneak public funds into it. That breaks the promise made in the Governors Feb 12, 2010 press release about Arizona's “birthday gift.”


  1. Good kids!!!...Don't send them to the AHS Museum in Papago Park. they will go to sleep the moment they walk through the doors.

  2. If they didn't snooze, they certainly would not be very happy after pushing 20 buttons that don't work. Can anyone figure out why the AHS is so steamed up about spending $10 million for "interactive" 5C centennial museum displays when they don't bother to repair the interactive displays they already have at Marley Center?