Thursday, May 5, 2011

Arizona Historical Society hiding mineral museum

On the third work day following the Saturday night massacre, the AHS continued (see May 2 & 3 posts) trying to hide the mineral museum. Painters obliterated the lettering on the back side of the museum. Curiously, they did not paint over the haul truck mural yet. Perhaps they are afraid of oriental vengeance if they deface a gift. The high quality mural was funded by a $20,000 grant from Komatsu.

The AHS also removed the mineral museum from their website, and made the situation difficult for people trying to recovery personal property placed in the museum on loan. At the museum, they were refused access and told they had to make an appointment with the Tucson AHS office.

The AHS also created difficulty for Rose Mofford.  As reported by Mary Jo Pitzl, the AHS sent a letter giving her just ten days to decide what to do with her very large collection.

Mofford’s memorabilia needs home
Mary Jo Pitzl
The Arizona Republic, May 5, 2011, page B3


  1. Your kidding, they are pissing off Rose Mofford?? Hit Woosleys Board of Directors and you get rid of Woosley. The problem will still remain of the Mineral Museum but at least Brewer cant find some whore agency to do her bidding. There are none left. Budget cuts stripped their budgets.

  2. Has anyone thought of contacting Komatsu to see if the company would be interested in helping the public get our museum back up and running? I would think that they would have a vested interest in the wonderful educational venue the museum gives our children and visitors.
    This is really an insult to the history of this state and the tax paying public. This entire museum was self funded. Its cost was not part of the state budget. I used the lapidary lab on a weekly basis and am really angry about what the 'governor' has illegally done. If I had had any respect for her before, I surely have none now and will actively campaign against her and anyone who has worked with/for her.