Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Is the Arizona Historical Society trying to hide the body?

The day after removing the name from the mineral museum, the AHS had workers cleaning all traces of the lettering off the the building and repairing the stucco. Now, it is no longer possible to read the name that was on the building. However, did they really hide anything? How do you explain the locomotive, head frame, shovel bucket and stamp mill? Perhaps they will bring in David Copperfield to vanish them.

While the AHS was apparently trying to hide history, they received some unwelcome exposure in the media. Mary Jo Pitzl reported on the lockout. She revealed that a teacher and her students learned that they were being cheated out of their field trip from the media.


How many other 3rd graders are going to have that same awful experience?

Arizona Mining and Mineral Museum Abruptly Shutters
Some debate future as centennial facility
Mary Jo Pitzel - The Arizona Republic, May 3, 2011, page B1

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