Monday, May 23, 2011

Is Governor Brewer directing an illegal centennial project?

The minutes for the March 2011 Arizona Historical Society Board meeting include the following:

Woosley said the main focus continues to involve the Arizona Experience (Centennial museum). - - - - - Woosley noted that AHS must be patient over the next 12-18 months because this project is moving outside the usual processes and is directed by the Governor’s office, Centennial Foundation, and Arizona Department of Administration. Meetings with the architects and designers are held twice a month.

The May 10th post described the illegal aspects of the centennial museum project. Now, it is apparent that the AHS is no longer directing the project. Someone in the Governor’s office is. Does that individual know they are directing illegal activities?

After the contentious senate public hearing on the centennial museum bill, the following individuals participated in a meeting to prepare an amendment. The amendment included the mineral museum protecting provisions that are now being violated.

  • ·         Anne Woosley – Director, AHS 
  • ·         Jim Norton – Lobbyist, AHS
  • ·         Lyn White – Arizona Centennial Foundation
  • ·         Michael Anable – Policy Advisor on Natural Resources

In addition, the following individual expressed detailed knowledge of the mineral museum protecting provisions of the law in an editorial written for the Arizona Republic (see July 10th post).

  • ·         Judge Charles E. Jones  -- AZ Centennial Foundation

Mr. Anable left the governor’s office in May, 2010 after the centennial museum bill passed the house and senate but before the Governor signed it. There may have been a loss of information within the governor’s office following Mr. Anable’s departure, but what is happening now?

Is someone within the governor’s office knowingly directing illegal activity?

Have the knowledgeable AHS and Centennial Foundation members not informed the governor’s office of the legal problems?

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