Monday, May 30, 2011

What is the Arizona Historical Society doing to Rose Mofford?

In her May 30 “My Turn” editorial in the Arizona Republic, Governor Mofford wrote:

 Discussions regarding relocation of the museum commenced with Anne (Woosley) last year. Although the time line for relocation has recently been accelerated, our discussions have been cooperative and designed to benefit all parties concerned. Relocation of my collection from the Mining and Mineral Museum now (rather than later) is necessary to allow the state to complete renovations of the Mining and Mineral Museum in time for the centennial celebration. …….. I do not envy the difficult tasks that Anne and the Historical Society must complete to be ready for Feb. 14, 2012.

However, in an April 18, 2011 interview on KAET  Channel 8s Horizon program, Anne Woosley told Ted Simons that the centennial museum is scheduled to open in November of 2012.  That is nine months later that the initial February 14, 2012 opening date (Arizona's centennial) initially promised by Governor Brewer.

Why has the removal of Governor Moffords collection been “accelerated”?

When is the centennial museum expected to open?

How can the schedule be “accelerated” when only a small fraction of the needed $15.75 million has been raised?

Mofford: Thanks to many, memorabilia to go to Globe, Miami
Rose Mofford
Opinions (My Turn) – Arizona Republic, May. 30, 2011


  1. Her last sentence pretty well sums up her thoughts. I dont think she thinks this mess will be ready...ever.

  2. Apparently, the only basis for the "accelerated schedule" is "imagining the future".

  3. So where is her stuff going? The AHS Papago Park Museum?? Wow, now nobody will ever see it.
    What does she think of all this mess going on.?