Sunday, May 1, 2011

Early closure of mineral museum

On Saturday, April 30, Bill Ponder (AHS - Tucson) closed the mineral museum. The staff was fired and the locks were changed. The firings took place at an offsite location, and police prevented the staff from reentering the building to recover their personal property.


  1. This is outrageous. I have visited the Museum in the past and intended to take my grandsons to this wonderful place before it closed, but we couldn't not go yesterday. Now the opportunity is gone forever, without warning. I don't want it to close at all, but if it has to, why couldn't they have announced a firm closure date so the public would know?

  2. The AHS did announce and post a firm closure date. It was June 1st, after all of the 3rd grade class field trips would have been over.

  3. Guess they have to hurry to get all of the wonderfil exhibits dome by the Centennial!! lol

  4. I feel sorry for the cop. He has lots of work to do and has to sit there and make sure the employees cant get in. Almost like treating them like criminals.
    Thats Ok the same will happen to Ponder some day. Oh ..wait he is an admin . employee the AHS Board can fire him the same way! Funny how that works. Get your box ready for your belongings Ponder. If you have any.
    Maybe the Board of Directors will grow a spine and cut their losses with these loosers. But that will mean the AHS Board will ACTUALLY have to raise money. Not in a million years!