Monday, November 7, 2011

Arizona’s centennial specialty plate

Arizona Republic, letters to the editor, Nov. 15 2011:

The Arizona Centennial Foundation’s specialty license plate is finally available. According to the Arizona Republic, $17 of each $25 for the plate will go to the Foundation for its events and projects. The Republics October 30th story was half correct about the funds. Up thru June 2012, the funds do support centennial events and projects as stated.  However, after that (per 2011 Senate Bill 1262) they go to the Arizona Historical Society for their already failed Arizona Centennial Museum project. Donors should know what is actually happening to their money.

Like the Foundations' logo, the plate is simply a scrambled Arizona flag.  Ironically, it prominently features the copper star representing Arizona’s copper industry.  Since funds from the plate will ultimately go to the AHS, they will help finance the destruction of the mineral museum and Arizona’s copper legacy.

Arizonans should boycott this specialty plate.

Elvina Nawagunda Clemente, Cronkite news
Specialty plates to raise money for the centennial
Arizona Republic, October 30th, 2011, page B5


  1. I wonder if Woosley will tell her staff that she would like them to purchase the plate as it would show support for AHS......and help keep their jobs intact?

  2. The first $32,000 goes to repaying the money taxpayers spent to produce the plate. If less than 1880 plates are sold, the taxpayers get stiffed.

  3. Dick,
    My name is Dave Biscobing, investigative reporter with ABC15. I noticed some posts on this blog that are related to a story I'm working on. Can you please send me an email?

    Thank you.

  4. This is going to be fun. Maybe the AHS Board of Directors can watch it all unfold on the TV. They sure don't seem to care up to now.
    Right now Woosley is working out what she is going to say.
    A suggestion to Mr. Dave Biscobing....bring lots of videotape. Remember she is a Phd. she likes to s-p-e-a-k- s-l-o-w-l-y. Because thats what Phds do you know! She has little experience being on television. Only a couple of times in a controlled situation.