Thursday, November 17, 2011

Centennial Way project receives recognition

Like the Arizona Centennial Museum, Centennial Way is a Signature Project of the Arizona Centennial 2012 Foundation.  These two projects account for over two thirds of the original $30 million centennial budget.

ABC 15 news recently covered progress on Centennial Way and revealed that taxpayers are getting a double whammy.  Not only is the project completely unnecessary, they are apparently paying too much for the work that is actually being done.

Bureaucrats use every possible way to waste federal stimulus money. 

Reference (article and video):
$7M sidewalk irks some Valley taxpayers: ABC15 Investigation reveals how $7M sidewalk project cost taxpayers over $1M more than expected
By: Dave Biscobing, November 17, 2011


  1. Can't wait until that TV reporter gets a hold of Woosley. Maybe he should interview the AHS Board president. That will be an eye opener....for the Board President, espicially when he realizes what the AHS has gotten itself into.
    Not to late to find a home for the money.The AHS won't be able to complete the boondoggle museum.

  2. The board president has been provided with documentation describing the mess the AHS has made. He said he distributed copies to all board members.

  3. When did he provide the documentation to the board? Was it recent or months ago? Woosley has made a mess of a lot of projects, but the board seems to stand by her. Maybe the board doesn't care or there is no one with any backbone to do anything. It is probably a combination of both.